Pratt students reflect on the inauguration of President Barack Obama

Question: How will President Obama change the country?

As part of our ongoing series with the Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning, Pratt Elementary School teacher Ford Campbell asked his 3rd graders — after they watched the Jan. 20 inauguration — how they think Barack Obama will change the country. Here’s what they had to say. (The school asked that last names not be given.)

I think this election is important because Barack Obama is the first African American president. He said he will try to help save energy and stop global warming. He will try to stop the war and bring home the troops.
Obama and many other people want to make the U.S. a better place and they are working for it. Nobody knows what is going to happen, but we are hoping for the best.
— Nia

In Washington D.C., Barack Obama gave a speech on TV that my class watched and I saw his family. It made somebody cry. I believe Barack Obama is going to be an excellent president because of the big promises he made. Barack Obama is the first African American president. I think Barack Obama is going to change all of the horrible rules.
— Isiah

I think Barack Obama will make us have enough resources to last a century. First, I think he will make electricity come from solar plants not from coal plants. Next, I think he will make greenhouse gases go bye-bye [by] making cars run on carbon dioxide.
— Dutch

Obama is going to change the country by bringing the army form America back to America. The war will end in Iraq, and Iraq will settle down. He will give a better health care system. People will not be so sick. And he will make sure that everybody will be safe. He will give everyone the same rights. He will be a good president.
— Sharleena

Yes yes we finally found our 44th president: Barack Obama. He promised us some things. But one thing he did say that I think everyone would like: He said “I as the president of America will stop the war in 16 months.” He said this, too: “I will need help and support from everyone. And I will try my best! And so will you.”
— Edom

He will stop the war. He will make money. He will give health care. People will be less racist. Give us more houses. Care more about the people in the U.S. He will bail out banks and Wall Street. There will be more jobs. More independent as a country. Do something about the middle class. He will stop terrorists and people.
— (no name given)

I think Barrack Obama will make changes in the United States because … he won’t start another war. And with Joseph R. Biden as vice president, they will make history in America. People are looking forward to Obama’s presidency. I think Obama will make great changes for poor people. Many people have poor families, and I think Obama will fix that.
— Walker

Barack Obama is our new president. He will make our country better by fighting for equal rights. He will help … so my cousin Chris can come home.
— Mattie

There will be no war in Iraq now that Barack Obama is president. Also, people will get their jobs back. There will be less electricity. There will be equal rights between black and white people.
— Thalia

Our country will be better now that Barack Obama is president. I am glad he is the new [president]. He is black and white. Joe Biden will help him.

Barack Obama is going to make big change. Joe Biden will help Barack Obama out. Barack Obama will give more freedom. Barack Obama will stop war. Barack Obama will make it right. Barack Obama is the best. Barack Obama will make electricity go down. Barack Obama will find more places for homeless. Barack Obama is black and white. Barack Obama won with Joe Biden. Barack Obama is black. Barack Obama will give cleaner air. Barack Obama [will] go to meeting.

He will make equal rights. He will lower gas prices. He will make a better economy. He will make the war stop. He will reduce carbon dioxide.
He will make places better. He is the first black president. He will make better electricity. He will make more voices heard. He will bring the troops home.
He will let tons of freedom ring.
— (no name given)

Obama will stop the war and change the world for everyone. He will make black and white equal. Barack Obama is the first African-American president of the U.S.A. He was campaigning against McCain. As vice-president he chose Joe Biden. [With] them now everyone is happy even more. Obama is going to be working in the White House for four years.

I think that he will take the soldiers out of Iraq. I also think he will help solve the economic crisis. He will help preserve the energy of cars. He will help all the schools get better grades. He will help to lower gas prices. He will help new citizens getting homes and jobs.

Today in Washington D.C. Obama will get to have his first day in office. He will move into the White House. His office is in the White House. Barack Obama is the first African-American president. I think he will make equal rights to the world. I also think he will stop war. There is a party on January 20, 2009. I think he’s going to be a great president.

In Washington D.C., 2009, January 20th, President Obama was inaugurated into [the] White House. He said he would lower gas prices. He made a record that he was the first black president. The other presidents are white and he wanted freedom and to end war. He chose his vice president to be Joe Biden. He will work hard to make the world a better place.
— (no name given)

last revised: February 16, 2009