Longfellow Community Council (LCC)

May 17 board meeting

OFFICER ELECTIONS: The new board, elected at last month’s annual meeting, appointed Melissa Erjavec as president, DeWayne Townsend as vice president, Ed Leaf as secretary and Jay Kelly as treasurer. Erjavec was the former vice president. Leaf was an existing board member. Townsend and Kelly were elected at last month’s meeting.

CHECK SIGNING AUTHORITY: The board approved the new Executive Committee as check signers for LCC pending paperwork clearing the bank.

SCOPE OF SERVICES: The board approved scope of service plans for the Community Connections and Environment and Transportation committees. Each approval involved moving Phase I Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) money into Phase II programs.

The board approved the History Project’s Scope of Service plan to spend $21,350 to produce 1,000 copies of the Longfellow History Book. Revenue generated from the sale of the book will return to the neighborhood.

The board voted six to five to lay over a decision on the Housing Office Scope of Service plan until the June board meeting to allow members more time for review. The plan would contract $50,500 for the Housing Office staff and operations.

Board member Iric Nathanson expressed his concern about contracting money for operations rather than housing programs for the neighborhood. Executive Director Melanie Majors reminded the board that the money for operations is separate from program funds. Majors explained that LCC’s NRP representative recommended that the board contract as much of their NRP money as possible. “This is just banking the money. It’s not spending it. If it’s contracted, it makes it harder for the City to take it back if there’s a shortfall with NRP,” said Majors.

MINNEHAHA-HIAWATHA CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENT PLAN: Patrick Connoy from Hennepin County Community Works (HCCW) discussed preliminary details for a capital improvement project benefiting the Minnehaha-Hiawatha corridor. The project boundaries include the Midtown Greenway on the north, the Hiawatha light rail line on the west, Minnehaha Parkway on the south and Minnehaha Avenue on the east.

The project, which HCCW is calling a “Corridor Vision,” is intended to create a sense of place unique to the area and to focus on redevelopment, land use planning, transportation, and infrastructure. HCCW will be sending out requests for proposals to design firms across the county and potentially overseas. HCCW is also exploring the possibility of creating a committee made up of community leaders, residents and businesses to govern implementation over the life of the project.

Board member Iric Nathanson proposed that HCCW hire LCC to conduct its community outreach for the project. Nathanson told Connoy that LCC is uniquely placed to allay residents’ possible concerns and convey accurate information. Connoy promised to consider the proposal.

NEXT: Board meeting, June 21, 2007
MEETINGS: 3rd Thursday monthly, 6:30 p.m. at Hiawatha School Park, 4305 East 42nd Street
CONTACT: 722-4529, www.longfellow.org
BORDERS: Mississippi River to Hiawatha Ave., Minnehaha Park to 27th St. railroad tracks

last revised: May 22, 2007